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Dr. Francesca TORELLLI 

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The Trusted Adviser


The Trusted Adviser is the person in charge of providing advice and assistance to the employees affected by the conduct referred to in the Code of Conduct for the protection and dignity of persons working at the INFN.

External to the Institute, it is chosen among the persons who possess the experience and independence suitable to carry out the intended task; appointed by the President of the INFN, with the favourable opinion of the Guarantee Committee. 

Trusted Adviser’s office lasts for three years and can be renamed only once.

Dr. Francesca Torelli is the Trustee of the National Institute of Nuclear Physics since 2 December 2022, appointed by presidential decree no. 25070/2022.


 SMART Lab Report (2018-2019) 

Final Report Second Phase Organizational Listening Circle   (Anno 2017-2018)

Final Report Second Phase Organizational Listening Circle  (Experimentation 2015-2016)

 Organizational well-being and the project organizational listening circles








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