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The International Evaluation Committee

The CVI consists of five Italian and foreign scientists and two exponents of the economic community and industry. 

CVI members are appointed by the Board of Directors on the basis of proposals from the Institute‚Äôs Executive Committee, and shall be in office three years. The mandate of its members shall be renewable no more than once.

The Institute is subject to the scientific assessment of the National Agency for Evaluation of the University and Research System (ANVUR), in compliance with current regulations. The Institute processes and provides the required data to the ANVUR, calling on specific Evaluation Working Groups (GLV).

 The International Evaluation Committee (CVI) draws up a Report to assess overall scientific and technological results, as well as future development plans, with reference also to the Plan of Performance.  


The currently members are:

    • Jorgen D'hondt - Presidente
    • Martine Bosman
    • Andrea Brandolini
    • Luca D'Agnese
    • Maria Jose Garcia Borge
    • Werner Hofmann
    • Richard Keith Ellis


( CVI's recent years reports can be found in "Document" section )



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